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The NTT Communications and McLaren technology partnership underpins McLaren's IT strategy, focusing on cloud, mobility and people-centric services. It is clear to NTT Communications that the technology partnership is not just about words or branding on a car. Our ICT solutions add value to all parts of McLaren's business.

We understand the real business of ICT and what McLaren demands of us. We know it’s about dedication to continual review, innovative thinking, R&D, challenging the status quo, and providing incremental improvement.

11.8 BN Data Points
Prioritized Per Season
25 % More Race Simulations
0 % Downtime

Behind the Fast Lane

The latest news on how our solutions are making a difference at McLaren

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How our team makes the difference

If you step back from the spectacle of racing, McLaren is a modern medium sized business, with IT challenges similar to many others, albeit with a focus on high technology and rapid innovation.

Jonathan Neale,
Chief Operating Officer, McLaren

It’s a high bar to get a positive review on a service engagement from McLaren, but NTT Communications did, and not for the first time.

Paul Brimacombe,
Enterprise Architecture Manager, McLaren

Global Network

"Zero downtime for the whole 2017 season and a great team to work with. What more can I say?"

Randeep Singh,
Head of Strategy, McLaren

As a business, McLaren has become global with locations worldwide that require mission critical connectivity, ranging from Grand Prix activity at 21 locations using SD-WAN to an expanding office base for McLaren Applied Technologies who require robust WAN services.

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    Software-defined networking was proved as a concept at the 2017 Japan Grand Prix.

    It will now be rolled out for the 2018 season for all races, giving McLaren quick, reliable and – crucially – flexible management of traffic-flows over the WAN. This allows, for example, telemetry data and video data to take precedence at critical points.

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    SD-WAN makes my life easier: I wouldn’t want to go back to the old way of doing things.

    Mark Barnett,
    Head of Strategy, McLaren

    Enterprise Cloud

    The Enterprise Cloud solution from NTT Communications provides solid enterprise-grade hybrid- and private-cloud, used by McLaren to burst the computer power required for race simulations at critical points.

    More race simulations mean more possibilities can be examined which in turn means better information to support race strategy decisions.

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    Raceday Dashboard

    The raceday dashboard, based on our Cloud Management Platform, is a 'single pane of glass' showing the status of all the cloud infrastructure that McLaren needs for fast race-day decision making.

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    The raceday dashboard shows me all the critical infrastructure data in one place, which lets me manage situations proactively rather than just reactively.

    Joe Bawn,
    Trackside Infrastructure Engineer, McLaren

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